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What is a Psychiatric Nurse


Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are experienced in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders.

We are committed to improving the mental health of our patients. We believe that to achieve optimal health there must be a commitment to care for one’s mind, body, and spirit. We often take care of our physical health with diet and exercise, and our spiritual health by connecting with our higher power. However, we are negligent in caring for our mental health.

Serendipity Associates

Our mission is to strengthen and improve the lives of our clients and community by providing the highest standard of mental health services. Our services are tailored to meet the need of the individual client, families, and to educate our community about mental wellness, and mental illness. We strive to eliminate stigma, labels, disparities, and prejudice.


1:1 Consultations Available

Coaching & Consulting is available for:​

  • Career and Educational Advancement

  • Education Mentorship

  • APN and DNP Preceptorship

  • Networking opportunities

Ask Dr. Miles and Dr. Hyman

  • If you have an education, career, or clinical question and you need some guidance we can help. This is the way to get advice from two doctoral-level advanced practice nurses who have post-graduate certifications in nursing education and public health.

  • Advice given is not to be considered, professional, legal, medical or financial advice. We are adding to your body of knowledge, but you are the owner of the ship.



  • Discovery call 15 minutes for 35$

  • Consult the Doctors for 125$ (30 min)

  • Career coaching 125$ per session up to 30 minutes per session

  • Educational coaching 110 $ per session up to 30 minutes per session

  • Now taking applications for student preceptorship

    • Fee associated with this service​


Doctor High Five
New Patient



Therapy Session



Doctor's Desk
No Show Fee
New Patient


*applies to all cancelation's same day and less than 48 hour notice

Doctor's Desk
No Show Fee
Existing Patient


*applies to all cancelation's same day and less than 48 hour notice

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